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Calvin's Crack

16° 22' 54.11" N
86° 22' 21.77" W

Difficulty: Expert
Minimum Depth: 20ft/6m
Maximum Depth: 110ft/33m
Features: Mooring

Found in Roatan Dive Sites:
Roatan Dive Sites

Crack starts at 20’ with a swim-through and gradually slopes off to a depth of 90’, exiting to the wall. Clusters of vase sponges, gorgonians, and brain and thin-leaf coral. Sometimes elusive toad fish can be found. Schools of silverside fish congregate in the crack. Off of the wall, find barracuda, hunting jacks, and permits. Intermediate level; beginner divers can follow along the top of the crack. Depth ranges from 20’ to 90'. Brain corals and gorgonians thrive on the dual-layered plateau and a fissure cuts through to its foundation starting at 30’. Narrow at first, the “crack” resembles more of a tunnel due to numerous overhangs. As its sandy floor progressively gets deeper, the monolithic channel, adorned with wire corals, opens onto the wall’s facade at 85’. Currents may be present on the outer wall.

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