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Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras

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16° 21' 35.99" N
86° 25' 2.45" W

Difficulty: Advanced
Minimum Depth: 25ft/8m
Maximum Depth: 130ft/40m
Features: Mooring

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Roatan Dive Sites

Named for its chimneys: narrow openings in the reef that extend vertically from a depth of 90’ to the top of the reef at 20’. Skilled divers with good buoyancy control can either descend or ascend through the chimneys, taking care not to touch the surrounding coral. File fish, damsel fish, schools of yellow-tail snapper, lobsters, and French angelfish all make their home here. Suitable for advanced divers only. Beginner divers can follow the dive outside the chimneys. Depth ranges from 20’ to past recreational dive limits.The upper portion of the reef is banded by coral mounds and sand channels that spill over the wall‘s edge at 20’ and cascade to 100‘. Overhangs and deep grooves along the wall create a pair of dramatic chimneys filled with delicate corals that ascend from 60’ to the reef‘s face.

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