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Connie's Dream

16° 19' 30.42" N
86° 28' 58.67" W

Difficulty: Advanced
Minimum Depth: 40ft/12m
Maximum Depth: 130ft/40m
Features: Mooring

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A gently sloping wall with soft coral overhangs, small crevices with king crabs and lobsters peering out, and sea fans swaying. A popular spot for hide and seek: look for well-camouflaged scorpion fish, banded coral shrimp tucked inside sponges, and flamingo tongues. Usually done as a drift dive. Suitable for all skill levels. Depth ranges from 25’ to past recreational dive limits. Sand channels make a coral maze on this gentle rolling hill at 40’. Colossal barrel sponges and soft corals cling to the reef‘s face. Sloping over the wall’s gradual edge, lofty coral heads create deep channels as it descends to 130’ and into the dark below.

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