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Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras

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16° 19' 57.7" N
86° 28' 37.04" W

Difficulty: Advanced
Minimum Depth: 30ft/9m
Maximum Depth: 150ft/45m
Features: Mooring

Found in Roatan Dive Sites:
Roatan Dive Sites

Bountiful shallows roll to the jutting crest of the wall at 50’. Embellished by both hard and soft corals, the colorful wall reaches depths as great as 130’ before giving way to the dark abyss.

Ratings and Reviews:
Phenomenal wall dive. Both at the beginning and end of the dive we were greeted by schools of Seargent majors and blue tangs. I spotted 2 arrow blemmy and the DM found an elusive diamond pipe fish. At the end of the dive at 9 feet, we saw a stone fish / scorpionfish, and as we were ascending, a small turtle swam by.
 -- driftdiver1, Nova Scotia, CANADA
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