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Mary's Place

16° 20' 15.57" N
86° 28' 8.15" W

Difficulty: Expert
Minimum Depth: 30ft/9m
Maximum Depth: 130ft/40m
Features: Mooring

Found in Roatan Dive Sites:
Roatan Dive Sites

One of Roatan’s most spectacular dive sites, famous for its deep crack that was formed by volcanic activity and extends down 95 feet. Abundant fish life, beautiful coral overhangs throughout the crack, schools of glassfish, chubs and creole wrasse, spotted drums, and our favorite friend, the seahorse. Advanced level; good buoyancy control needed. Beginner divers can follow along the top of the crack. Depth range of 20’ to beyond recreational dive limits. Mary’s Place is an underwater peninsula that has fractured into three sections. The shallows provide an ample array of coral heads that butt up to the wall’s edge at 40’. From here divers can descend and explore the towering channels. Some as deep as 100’, black corals and gorgonians line the narrow passageways between the remains of a once-intact island shelf. The outer wall falls to 130‘.

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