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Mister Bud Wreck

16° 20' 57.43" N
86° 26' 40.94" W

Difficulty: Easy
Minimum Depth: 40ft/12m
Maximum Depth: 130ft/40m
Features: Mooring

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A cargo ship sunk intentionally in 1995. The ship is upright along the reef’s edge, having been pulled from its original resting place by Hurricane Mitch. The dive normally focuses part of the time of the wreck, then on to the coral reef. Blanketing the top of the reef is an abundance of soft corals such as sea plumes and sea rods with flamingo tongues and seahorses clinging to them. Sand dwellers such as jaw fish, garden eels, flounders, and sail fin blennies all reside in the shoots surrounding the wreck. Suitable for all skill levels. Depth ranges from 40’ to past recreational dive limits. Mr. Bud is a 75’ cargo ship that rests in a sandy channel at 60‘ between two large coral outcroppings and on the ledge of a wall. The wheelhouse of the ship sits at 45’ and the bow hangs slightly off the wall’s lip before dropping to 100‘. The coral wall’s to the northeast are more dramatic and sheer.

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