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Valley of the Kings

16° 21' 6.79" N
86° 26' 15.76" W

Difficulty: Easy
Minimum Depth: 30ft/9m
Maximum Depth: 170ft/51m
Features: Mooring

Found in Roatan Dive Sites:
Roatan Dive Sites

A coral valley (crack) is the significant landmark of this site. Site features pillar corals, many soft corals, and beautiful outcroppings along the wall. Moray eels are commonly sighted, as well as trumpet fish, spotted trunk fish, several types of gobies, spotted drums, and seahorses. Suitable for all skill levels. Depth ranges from 30’ to past recreational dive limits. Long sandy chutes and a lively coral fissure run perpendicular to the shoreline as they cross the reef’s plateau at 40’. Pillar coral line the top of the wall and deep vertical channels ripple its exterior down to 100’, some of which are so dense with life that entering is nearly impossible.

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